15th Pavia Graduate Conference

in Political Philosophy

12-13 September 2017


Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Pavia

Sponsored by

North-West Italy Ph.D. Philosophy Consortium (FINO)

(Compagnia di S. Paolo, Torino).


Under the joint patronage of the Italian Society for Political Philosophy (SIFP) and the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA)




Plenary Session (Aula Grande)

Chair: Emanuela Ceva (Università di Pavia)

Mario De Caro (Università di Roma Tre & Tufts University), Political Anthropology in the Age of Cognitive Science


1.   Methodological issues (Aula Grande)

Chair: Federico Zuolo (Università di Genova)

Luca Costa (FINO/Università di Pavia), The Puzzle of Evidence: How to ground normative claims in political data

Lars Moen (Australian National University), Rawl’s Discursive Dilemma

2. Self-ownership (Sala CASIP)

Chair: Sara Amighetti (Goethe University Frankfurt & University of Zurich)

Fulvio Miceli (FINO/Università di Pavia), The Voluntary Slavery and Self-ownership Conundrum

Zlata Bozac (Central European University), Self-ownership, Fact-insensitivity, and Separateness of Persons


3. Global issues (Sala Grande)

Chair: Piet Goemans (FINO/Università di Pavia)

Dario Mazzola (Università di Milano), Open borders: a vindication persistently in favor of a global right to mobility

María Victoria Inostroza (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), The Democratic forms of global domination

Davide Ragnolini (FINO/Università di Torino), How could the Leviathan be killed? Pain and suffering in the Hobbesian international realm

4. Equality, rights and duties (Sala CASIP)

Chair: Carlo Burelli (Università di Milano)

Riccardo Maria Spotorno (Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Licensing parents and conflicts of interests between would-be parents and children

Huub Brouwer (Tilburg University), An argument for Desert and against Luck Egalitarianism

Jiwon Kim (University of St. Andrews), Call of Lockean Duty


Graduate Plenary Session – Winners of the Pavia GC 15th Anniversary Prize (Aula Grande)

Chair: Michele Bocchiola (Università di Pavia)

Markus Furendal (Stockholm University), Equality, Pareto and Cohen’s Ethos

Linda Eggert (University of Oxford), Benefits, and Riskless Warfare – How (not) to distribute risks between interveners and civilians



5. Moral and legal obligations (Aula Grande)

Chair: Enrico Biale (Università del Piemonte Orientale)

Max Kiener (University of Oxford), Duress as a defense in case of murder

Margherita Galassini (LUISS), Does Rawl’s principle of fairness give rise to a general obligation to obey the law?

6. Diversity (Sala CASIP)

Chair: Francesco Chiesa (Università di Pavia)

Miles Unterreiner (University of Oxford), What is wrong with cultural appropriation? On appropriation and disrespect

Jérôme Grand (Université de Genève), Minimalist secularism on quicksand


Plenary Session (Aula Grande)

Chair: Ian Carter (Università di Pavia)

Cécile Laborde (Nuffield College, Oxford), Liberal neutralism, abortion and cognate problems