14th Pavia Graduate Conference

in Political Philosophy

13-14 September 2016


Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Pavia

Sponsored by

North-West Italy Ph.D. Philosophy Consortium (FINO)

(Compagnia di S. Paolo, Torino).


Under the joint patronage of the Italian Society for Political Philosophy (SIFP) and the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy (SIFA)




Plenary Session (Aula Grande)

Chair: Emanuela Ceva (Università di Pavia)

Andrea Sangiovanni (King’s College London), Varieties of Moral Status


1.   Paternalism (Aula Grande)

Chair: Carlo Burelli (Università di Milano/Centro Einaudi, Torino)

Johannes Kniess (University of Oxford), Nudge with a catch: the problem of preference architecture

Åsbjørn Melkevik (Queen’s University), Starve all the lawyers: on the just price and the Cincian law

2. Reasonableness and exclusion (Sala CASIP)

Chair: Francesco Chiesa (Università di Pavia)

Corrado Fumagalli (Università di Milano), Unreasonable doctrines, containment and the comprehensive character of political liberalism

Ewan Burns (University of Glasgow), Conservatism’s problem of epistemic oppression: a solution?


3. Democracy and political obligation (Sala CASIP)

Chair: Greta Favara (Università di Milano)

Daniel Guillery (University College London), Legitimacy, obligation and justification

Chiara Destri (Università di Milano), What does it mean to justify democracy? Proceduralism, instrumentalism and independent criterion

4. Equality and distributive justice (Aula Grande)

Chair: Michele Bocchiola (Università di Pavia)

Christopher Marshall (London School of Economics), What does justice demand of individuals in an unjust society?

Benjamin Fardell (University College London), What it is to have enoguh? Sufficiency and the threshold problem

Thomas Rowe (London School of Economics) Ambiguity and fairness



5. Philosophy and anthropology (Aula Grande)

Chair: Luca Costa (FINO/Università di Pavia)

Giorgia Casanica (Università di Milano), Between ingratitude and corruption: rethinking reciprocity in moral and political philosophy

Luca Demontis (Scuola Internazionale di Alti Studi, Modena), Historical imagination and political pluralism

6. Climate justice (Sala CASIP)

Chair: Irene Vanini (Università di Milano/University of Sheffield)

Joshua Wells (University of Reading), The limitations of economics in the case of geonegineering: some ethical concerns about economic analysis


7. Collective rights (Sala CASIP)

Chair: Federico Zuolo (Universität Hamburg)

Noemi Magnani (University of London), Interest and identity: Joseph Raz on collective rights

8. Conflict and dialogue (Aula Grande)

Chair: Arianna Ragnoli (FINO/Università di Genova)

Natalia Belyaeva (European University at St. Petersburg), The origins of Hannah Arendt’s sensus communis as “community sense”

Yuri van Hoef (University of Leeds),Friendship as positive peace: a new agenda for peace and conflict studies


Plenary Session (Aula Grande)

Chair: Ian Carter (Università di Pavia)

Antonella Besussi (Università di Milano), Disagreement and Toleration