19th Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

17th-18th September 2021



17th September 2021

 Venue: Department of Social and Political Science, University of Pavia

 10-11.30: Keynote Opening Session (Aula Grande; Zoom Room 1)

Chair: Ian Carter, University of Pavia

Gianfranco Pellegrino, LUISS Rome

The Moral Magic of Territory. Migrants’ Residency Right(s).

 12-13.15: Graduate Session 1

a – Responsibility (Aula Grande; Zoom Room 1)

Chair: Laura Santi Amantini, University of Genoa

Lorenzo Testa, University of Pavia

On Backward-looking Conception of Collective Moral Responsibility [In Person]

Kida Lin, University of Oxford

Responsibility and the Moral Significance of Intervening Agency [Online]

b – Capitalism (Aula 5; Zoom Room 2)

Chair: Arianna Francesca Dini, University of Turin

Vincent Harting, London School of Economics

Capitalism Is a Cage, But Made Out of What? On Nicholas Vrousalis’ Triadic Account of Structural Domination [In Person]

Alessandra Antonella Rita Maglie, University of Turin

Capitalism and care ethics. Deirdre McCloskey, a “postmodern, free-market feminist” [Online]

14.30-15.45: Graduate Session 2

a – Capabilities Approach (Aula Grande; Zoom Room 1)

Chair: Riccardo Maria Spotorno, University of Pavia

Pietro Ghirlanda, University of Milan

A Social Contract for the Gig Economy: Insights from Senian Capability Approach [In Person]

Virginia De Biasio, University of York

Capabilities and Natural Resources [Online]

b – Social Epistemology (Aula 5; Zoom Room 2)

Chair: Carline Klijnman, University of Genoa

Alec Sault, University of Victoria

Emotion and Expectation [Online]

Jordan Myers, University of Pittsburgh

Vicious and Virtuous Selective Scrutiny [Online]

16-15-17.30: Graduate Session 3

 a – Law and Politics (Aula Grande; Zoom Room 1)

Chair: Diego Alberto Biancolin, University of Pavia

Vladimir Lukic, University of Pardubice

Political Opinion Shaped by the Past: Williamsian Critique of Ethical Nostalgia [In Person]

Emanuele Martinelli, University of Zurich

The politics of blockchain [In Person]

Emma Dore-Horgan, University of Oxford

Punishment and Rehabilitation. Strange Bedfellows? [Online]


18th September 2021

Venue:  Collegio F.lli Cairoli

9.30-10.45: Graduate Session 4

 a – Freedom (Aula Magna; Zoom Room 1)

Chair: Lorenzo Testa, University of Pavia

Edmund Handby, Australian National University

Interrogating Probability and Conditionality in Pure-Negative Freedom [Online]

Adrián Herranz Herrer, Pompeu Fabra University

Freedom, Virtue, Exit, Control of Commonwealth [Online]

b – Distributive Justice (Aula Didattica 1; Zoom Room 2)

Chair: Chiara Innorta, University of Eastern Piedmont

Giulia Balossino, University of Milan

Desert and Responsibility in Distributive Justice [In Person]

Annalisa Costella, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Enrico Salonia, Toulouse School of Economics

Redistribution of freedom: a formal approach [In Person]

11.15-12.30: Graduate Session 5

a – Democratic Theory (Aula Magna; Zoom Room 1)

Chair: Marco Miglino, University of Eastern Piedmont

Eric Shoemaker, University of Toronto

The equal opportunity to be a legislator [Online]

Markus Fuchsberger, University of Vienna

Can Ethical Expertise Play a Role in Politics? [Online]

  b – Ethos and Recognition (Aula Didattica 1; Zoom Room 2)

Chair: Valérie Topf, University of Pavia

Francesca Miccoli, University of Milan

Legal recognition of unconventional families in a liberal state [In Person]

Patrick James Cowley, Queen’s University

The Liberal Egalitarian Ethos [In Person]

13.30-15: Keynote Closing Session (Aula Magna; Zoom Room 1)

Chair: Federica Liveriero, University of Pavia

Alessandra Tanesini, Cardiff University

Epistemic Vices and Epistemic Oppression