7th Pavia Graduate Conference in

Political Philosophy

24-25 September 2009

Sponsored by


Human Development, Capability and Poverty International Research Centre, at IUSS Institute for Advanced Study (Pavia)

Under the joint patronage of the Italian Society for Political Philosophy and the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy




Plenary Session

Chair: Ian Carter (University of Pavia)

Michael Otsuka (University College London), Risking Life and Limb


1. Theories of democracy

Chair: Harry Adamson (Cambridge University)

Charles Girard (Université Paris 1), Conversation vs. Oratory. Which Paradigm for Deliberative Democracy?

James K.L. Wong (London School of Economics), Cognitive Dissonance and the Epistemic Limitation of Aggregative Democracy 

2. Power

Chair: Irene Ottonello (University of Genova)

Pamela Pansardi (Univesity of Pavia), On the Ambiguities of the Concept of ‘Power to’ in the Contemporary Theory of Power


3. Rationality and strategic action

Chair: Francesca Pasquali (University of Milano)

Paul Gowder (Stanford University), Strategic Morality and Para-ideal Theory

Rossella Pisconti (University of Bari), Problems of Defection in Political and Healthcare Activities

4. Distributive justice and legitimacy of state power

Chair: Ben Colburn (Cambridge University)

Gabriel Wollner (University College, London), On What Counts: Priority, Aggregation and the Separateness of Persons

Jeremy Farris (Oxford University), A Jointly-Held Right to Punish


5. Liberalism and constructivism

Chair: Michele Bocchiola (LUISS, Roma)

Enrico Zoffoli (University of Darmstadt), Kantian Constructivism and Priority Rules

Paul Curry (University of Ottawa), Narrowing Towards Harm

François Hudon (Université catholique de Louvain), Can A Preference-Based Conception Of Freedom Make Sense?

6. Toleration and pluralism

Chair: Emanuela Ceva (University of Pavia)

Gabriele Badano (University of Genova), Must The Good Citizen Respect Human Life?

Devrim Kabasakal (Luiss University, Rome), Reasons for Toleration as an International Issue



7. Solidarity

Chair: Nicola Riva (University of Milano)

Milica Trifunovic (Aachen University), Solidarity in Law, Politics and Philosophy

Ray Critch (University of Edinburgh), Three Types of Solidarity

8. Socialism and Marx

Chair: Giulia Bistagnino (San Raffaele, Milano)

Lorna Finlayson (Cambridge University), Death Camps And Designer Dresses: Brian Barry and the Liberal Exclusion of Socialism

Martin Eichler (University of Leipzig), A Condition of True Politics


9. Egalitarianism

Chair: Michele Loi (San Raffaele, Milano)

Angela Cummine (Oxford University), A Citizen’s Stake in Sovereign Wealth

Joanna Firth (University of Manchester), What’s so Shameful about being Untalented?

10. History of political thought

Chair: Pia Campeggiani (University of Bologna)

Ioannis Markos Polakis (Panteion University, Athens), Is Aristotle’s Rhetoric Political?


Plenary Session

Chair: Ian Carter (University of Pavia)

Nadia Urbinati (Columbia University, NY), Unpolitical Democracy