The Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy has been held at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Pavia since 2003. Since 2009, it has received the joint patronage of the Italian Society for Political Philsophy and the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy and, since 2014, it is part of the activities of the North-West Italy Ph.D. Philosophy Consortium (FINO).

The Pavia GC offers graduate students an opportunity to present papers, get helpful feedback in a friendly atmosphere, and exchange ideas both with peers and with leading academics in the field of political philosophy.

In addition to graduate sessions, the conference hosts the presentations of prominent academics in the field. Keynote speakers in past editions have been: Hillel Steiner, Anna Elisabetta Galeotti, Peter Jones, Gianfrancesco Zanetti, Jonathan Wolff, Michele Nicoletti, Philippe Van Parijs, Sebastiano Maffettone, Giovanni Giorgini, Andrew Williams, David Miller, Alessandro Ferrara, Valeria Ottonelli, Adam Swift, Gerald Gaus, Serena Olsaretti, Thomas M. Scanlon, Philip Pettit, Carla Bagnoli, Thomas Christiano, Furio Cerutti, Fabienne Peter, Antonella Besussi, Andrea Sangiovanni, Mario De Caro, Cécile Laborde, Luigi Caranti, Margaret Moore, Cécile Fabre, Victor Tadros, Emanuela Ceva, Gianfranco Pellegrino and Alessandra Tanesini.