6th Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

16th – 17th September 2008

HDCP IRC (Human Development, Capability and Poverty International Research Centre)




Plenary Session 

Chair: Ian Carter (Università di Pavia)

David Miller (University of Oxford), Democracy’s Scope


Session 1

Chair: Sara Amighetti (Università di Pavia)

Gabriel Wollner (University of Oxford), Do Obligations of Egalitarian Justice Only Arise Between and Solely in Virtue of Individuals Sharing a Common Institution?

Katy Dineen (London School of Economics), Analysing Cosmopolitanism’s Concept of Connectedness

Session 2

Chair: Laura Lo Coco (Università di Pavia)

Diego Vernazza (EHESS, Paris), Montesquieu’s Political Theory: A Local and Conflictual Notion of Order

Simonetta Freschi (Università di Trieste), Raymond Aron: Political and Existential Liberalism


Session 3 

Chair: Enrico Biale (Università di Genova)

Herbert Preiss (University of Wien), The Significance of Ideology and Fear in Divided Societies: Towards a Revision of Liberal Political Philosophy

Charles Girard (Université Paris 1 Panthéon – Sorbonne), Deliberative Democracy and Mass Media: Towards a Normative Theory of Mediated Public Debate

Session 4

Chair: Laura Valentini (The Queen’s College, Oxford)

Dario Cecchi (Università di Bologna), A Right to Imagine Our World. Arendt between Judgment and Thinking

Mauro Piras (Università di Vercelli), Remarks on the Moral Basis of Political Liberalism


Session 5

Chair: Michele Bocchiola (LUISS, Roma)

Robert Jubb (University of Oxford), Logical and Epistemic Foundationalism about Grounding: The Triviality of Facts and Principles

Laurens Van Apeldoorn (University of Oxford), Hypothetical Consent and Political Obligations in the Philosophy of Thomas Hobbes

Session 6

Chair: Maria Ciccone (Università di Pavia)

Francesca Pongiglione (Università di Bologna), What is Determinative in the Making of a Political Theory? A Comparison between Hobbes’s Absolutism and Mandeville’s Liberalism

Mark Hanin (University of Cambridge), Misrepresentations of God’s Role in Pufendorf’s Theory of Natural Law



Plenary Session

Chair: Ian Carter (Università di Pavia)

Alessandro Ferrara (Università di Roma 2, Tor Vergata), Another Universalism: The Force of the Example


Session 7

Chair: Nicola Riva (Università di Milano)

Fiona Ennis (University College Cork), A Right to Bodily Integrity and Libertarian Theory

Yael Peled (University of Oxford), The Blessing of Babel: Linguistic Diversity and Human Development

Session 8

Chair: Francesca Pasquali (Università di Milano)

Sezgi Durgun (Marmara University of Istanbul), Nietzsche’s Reception: Politics of Philosophy

Gavin Rae (University of Warwick), Hegel, Freedom & the State


Graduate Plenary Session

Chair: Emanuela Ceva (IUSS, Pavia)

James Gledhill (London School of Economics), The Idealism of Ideal Theory

Dimitris Efthimiou (European University Institute, Florence), How Much Stability is Too Much? The Case of Contextualist Theories of Distributive Justice