3rd Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

15-16 September 2005





Plenary session

Chair: Ian Carter (Università di Pavia)

Michele Nicoletti (Università di Trento), Towards a European Civil Society: Religions, Politics and Public Ethics


Session 1

Chair: Emanuela Ceva (Università di Pavia)

Michael Georgieva (University of Manchester), Constructivism-Realism Re-examined: Objectivity and Truth in a Political Conception of Justice

Miriam Ronzoni (University of Oxford), Constructivisms: Between Abstraction and Idealization

Session 2

Chair: Jonathan Wolff (University College London)

Anthony Amatrudo (LSE), The Classical Theorists of the Utilitarian Account of Punishment

Maria Bohn (Stockholm Environment Institute), The Concepts of Responsibility and Accountability in the Notion of Corporate Social Responsibility


Session 3

Chair: Corrado Del Bò (Università di Pavia)

Alexandra Couto (University of Oxford), Paternalism and Social Justice

Ronald Nashi (Cornell University), Nozick’s Principles

Session 4

Chair: Miriam Ronzoni (University of Oxford)

Enzo Rossi (University of St. Andrews), Liberal Legitimacy and its Dicontents

Julia Skorupska (University of Oxford), Rhetoric and Reason: A Comparison of Rawls’ and Mill’s Conception of the Role of Reason in the Public Sphere


Session 5

Elena Alessiato (Università di Torino), Karl Jaspers and Politics: The First World War and the Politische Stimmungen

Simon Griffiths (LSE), Socialism at the End of the Century

Matthew Johnson (University of Newcastle), A Marxian Consequentialist Defence of US ‘Imperialism’

Session 6

Claudio Corradetti (Luiss Guido Carli – Roma), Cultural Relativism and Cosmopolitanism of Human Rights

James Pattison (University of Newcastle), Representativeness, Legitimacy and Those Undertaking Humanitarian Intervention



Session 7

Shi Li (Luiss – Roma), Causal Explanation, Freedom, and Davidson

Federico Zuolo (Università di Pavia), Self-Efficacy of Normative Political Philosophy

Session 8

Chair: Tiziana Torresi (University of Oxford)

Francesco Orsi (Scuola Normale Superiore – Pisa), Strangers and Special Obligations

Volker Kaul (Luiss – Roma), On a Social Ontology of Beneficence


Session 9

Zeynep Ozgen (Bogaziçi University, Istanbul), Rethinking the Social Philosophy of Multiculturalism: The Case of Antioch

Peter Balint (University of Oxford), Respect Relationships in Diverse Societies

Session 10

Tiziana Torresi (University of Oxford), What if we Harm the Poor? A Need-Based Argument for Migration

Barton Egerton (LSE), The Concept of Territory


Plenary session

Chair: Ian Carter (Università di Pavia)

Jonathan Wolff (University College London), Disadvantage and Respect