5th Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

6-7 September 2007





Plenary session

Andrew Williams (University of Warwick), Poverty and Resistance


1. Global Justice

Eszter Kollár (LUISS, Rome), The Basic Structure as Boundary

Clara Brandi (European University Institute, Florence), The World Trade Organization as a Subject of Distributive Justice

2. Non-Domination and State Legitimacy

Massimo Renzo (University of Milan), Fairness and Self-Defense: A Multi-Principle Theory of State Legitimacy

Jan-Willem van der Rijt (University of Groningen), Dignity and Domination


3. Humanitarian Intervention

Cettina MarcellinoBiagio Spoto (University of Catania), Humanitarian Intervention: Theory and Practice

William Feldman (University of Oxford), Soldiers, Intervention and Emergency Due Care

4. Justified Law-breaking

Piero Moraro (University of Stirling), Irreversibility and the Defense of Necessity: An Argument in Favor of Direct Action

Claire Moulin-Doos (University of Bremen, Germany), The Appeal of Civil Disobedience – Or Should We Say “Civic Disobedience”?


5. Citizenship, Civic Virtue and Sociability

Dara Salam (Birkbeck College, London), The Roles of Participation and Recognition in Forming a Conception of Citizenship

Simon Hope (University of Cambridge), One Bad Argument for Civic Virtue and One Good One

Francesca Pongiglione (University of Bologna), Sociability and Human Nature: Rousseau’s Criticism of Mandeville in “The Discourse on the Origin and the Foundations of Inequality among Men”



6. Collective Harm and Human Flourishing

Elizabeth Cripps (University College London), Collective Harm and Environmental Duties

Michele Loi (LUISS, Rome), Saving Human Flourishing from Scanlon

7. Constructivism and Moral Justification

Julia Hermann (European University Institute, Florence), Moral Justificatory Arguments Reconsidered

Michele Bocchiola (LUISS, Rome), Constructivism and the Claim of Objectivity


8. Egalitarianism and Justice

Enrico Biale (University of Genoa), The Personal is Political

Gabriel Wollner (University of Oxford), Talent, Property and Equality – Some Problems for Left-Libertarianism

9. Contractualist and Deliberative Approaches to Justification

Robert Jubb (University of Oxford), Contractualism and Reasons: Agency, Normativity and the Back-to-Front Objection

Matteo Bonotti (University of Edinburgh), Deliberative Perfectionism: Why Should We Talk About the Good?


Plenary session

Giovanni Giorgini (Università di Bologna), ‘And After All We’re Only Ordinary Men’. Some Reflections on the Ordinary Human Being