20th Pavia Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy

12th-13th September 2022

Venue: Collegio F.lli Cairoli, Pavia


12th September 2022

10-11.30: Keynote Opening Session (Aula Magna)

Chair: Ian Carter (University of Pavia)

Miriam Ronzoni (University of Manchester)

Freedom as Independence: A Critical Appraisal (co-authored with Christian Schemmel)


12-13.15: Graduate Session 1

a – Freedom (Aula Magna)

Chair: Elena Icardi (University of Milan)

Ilkin Huseynli (NASP Consortium – University of Milan)

What Is Special About Freedom?

Matteo Boccacci (FINO Consortium – University of Pavia)

A Distinction about the Value of Freedom

b – Territorial Rights (Aula Didattica1)

Chair: Laura Santi Amantini (University of Eastern Piedmont)

Camilla Barbieri (FINO Consortium – University of Eastern Piedmont)

Whose Is The Right to Govern the World’s Land: A Defence of Territorial Justice

Davide Saracino (NASP Consortium – University of Milan)

Why we should be panarchists. A consequentialist apology of trans-territorial states


14.30-15.45: Graduate Session 2

a – Regulating Speech (Aula Magna)

Chair: Valérie Topf (FINO-University of Pavia)

Linda Priano (NASP Consortium – University of Milan)

Hate speech: between regulation and counterspeech

Simeon Goldstraw (University of Oxford)

“It was just a joke!” The case against censorship of comedy


b – International Justice (Aula Didattica 1)

Chair: Giulia Milli (FINO-University of Genova)

Henry Vumjou (Indian Institute of Technology)

Restating Hostility in Kant’s Hospitality

Tom Bailey (London School of Economics)

Republican Internationalism, Kant, and the Balance of Power


16.15-17.00: 20th Anniversary Prize Session (Aula Magna)

Chair: Ian Carter (University of Pavia)

Clemens Pinnow (Pompeu Fabra University)

Send in the Helicopters! Central Banks, Legitimacy and Urgent Tasks


13th September 2022

9.30-10.45: Graduate Session 4

a –Equality and Feminism (Aula Magna)

Chair: Giulia Balossino (University of Milan)

Valérie Topf (FINO Consortium – University of Pavia)

Category Equality

Francesca Cesarano (Università Vita San Raffaele/ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

A Non-Ideal Feminist Approach to Cultural Norms of Appearance and Body Modification


b – Democratic Theory (Aula Didattica 1)
Chair: Camilla Barbieri (FINO-University of Eastern Piedmont)

Maxim van Asseldonk & Marie Wurth (University of Aberdeen)

Acting as if The Future is Present: Affective Ontology and Constituent Power

Karolina Jedrzejczak (University of Manchester)

How should we talk about a crisis of liberal democracy?


11.15-12.30: Graduate Session 5

a –Attachment, Territoriality, and Federalism (Aula Magna)
Chair: Matteo Boccacci (FINO-University of Pavia)

Virginia De Biasio (University of York)

When does attachment count?

Giacomo Brioni (University of Pisa/University of Florence)

Constitutional Political Economy and the Political Theory of Federalism: James Buchanan on the Logical Foundations of the Compound Republic

b Criminal Law (Aula Didattica 1)

Chair: Riccardo Spotorno (University of Pavia)

Benjam Newman (Tel Aviv University)

The Liberal Perfectionist Tension of the Adversarial Criminal Trial

Gaspard Lemaire (Ecole Normale Superieure – Paris)

Anthropocide. Facts, Appraisal, and Proposal


13.30-15: Keynote Closing Session (Aula Magna)

Chair: Federica Liveriero (University of Pavia)

Massimo Renzo (King’s College London)

Manipulation and Autonomous Agency