09.30-10.00 Registration, Aula Grande


Plenary Session, Aula Grande

Chair: Emanuela Ceva, University of Pavia

Luigi Caranti, University of Catania

Human Rights: Three Foundational Approaches and one Proposal.

11.30-11.45 Coffee Break, Aula Leoni

11.45-13.00 Graduate Session 1

a. Global Justice, Aula Grande

Chair: Federico Zuolo, University of Genoa

Nicholas Schenk, University of Leicester.

Statelessness and Just Membership: End-State and Historical Theories of Justice in Response to the Moral Arbitrariness of the Global Birth Lottery.

David Hernández, Tilburg University.

Why Particularist Arguments for Social Justice Cannot Avoid Cosmopolitan Considerations: the Weakness of Particularism in Defense of Social and Distributive Justice.

b. Democracy and Justice, Sala CASIP

Chair: Michele Bocchiola, University of Pavia

Cain Shelley, London School of Economics and Political Science.

The Politics of Property-Owning Democracy.

Rubén Marciel Pariente, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Deconstructing the Democratic Hope on the Press.

13.00-14.30 Lunch, Aula Leoni

14.30-15.45 Graduate Session 2

a. Democratic Participation and the Boundary Problem, Aula Grande

Chair: Enrico Biale, University of Eastern Piedmont

Zsolt Kapelner, Central European University.

Persistent Minorities and the Democratic Boundary Problem.

Silvia Mocchi, LUISS Guido Carli.

Accommodation of Muslim Claims through Political Participation at the Local Level. The Case of the Lombardy Law against Mosques.

b. Equality, Sala CASIP

Chair: Giacomo Marossi, University of Eastern Piedmont

Giacomo Floris, University of Manchester.

On Moral Equality. Its Justifications and its Costs.

Eva Maria Parisi, Ludwig Maximilian Universität Munich.

What – if Anything – is Unjust about Parental Resources Influencing Children’s Access to Advantages?

15.45-16.15 Coffee Break, Aula Leoni

16.15-17.30 Graduate Session 3

a. Groups, Aula Grande

Chair: Francesco Chiesa, University of Trento

Lars Moen, Australian National University.

Redundant Group Agency.

Adam Phillips, University of Brighton.

“Assembly” and the First Amendment.

b. Migration, Sala CASIP

Chair: Carlo Burelli, University of Genoa

Laura Santi Amantini, FINO – University of Genoa.

Populist Anti-Immigrant Sentiments Taken Seriously: A Realistic Approach.

Mark Sivarajah, University of Bristol.

Migration Facts and Political Principles.

19.30 Social Dinner


09.30-10.45 Graduate Session 4

a. War and Human Rights Violations, Aula Grande

Chair: Giulia Bistagnino, University of Milan

Anton Emilsson, Lund University.

Possible Human Rights Infringements: On Griffin’s Agent-Restriction.

Anh Le, University of Manchester.

Force Short of War: From Definition to Specification.

b. Necessary Evil and Political Morality, Sala CASIP

Chair: Michele Bocchiola, University of Pavia

Simone Ghelli, FINO – University of Pavia.

The Normality of Evil. Primo Levi’s Thought Between Necessity and Seduction.

Christina Nick, University of Leeds.

Can Our Hands Stay Clean?

10.45-11.15 Coffee Break, Aula Leoni

11.15-12.30 Graduate Session 5

a. Environment, Aula Grande

Chair: Federica Liveriero, University of Eastern Piedmont

Marco Genovesi, University of Nottingham.

Respublica Naturæ: Carl Schmitt Nomos and the Environment.

Laura Sánchez De La Sierra, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

Climate Change and “Disappearing Islands”: The Case of Pacific Islands-States.

b. Freedom and Neutrality, Sala CASIP

Chair: Francesco Chiesa, University of Trento

Jennifer Brown, University College London.

Answering the Neutrality Objection to Marital Establishment.

Ruxandra Ivanescu, University of Manchester.

The Impossibility of Contractual Enslavement.

12.30-13.30 Lunch, Aula Leoni


Plenary Session, Aula Grande

Chair: Ian Carter, University of Pavia

Margaret Moore, Queen’s University, Kingston and Olof Palme Visiting Professor, University of Stockholm.

The Ethics of Migration and Common Ownership of the Earth.