8th Pavia Graduate Conference in

Political Philosophy

16-17 September 2010


Sponsored by Tolleranza come eguale rispetto (PRIN 2008)

Human Development, Capability and Poverty International Research Centre,

Institute for Advanced Study, Pavia


Under the joint patronage of the Italian Society for Political Philosophy

and the Italian Society for Analytic Philosophy




Plenary Session

Chair: Emanuela Ceva (University of Pavia – IUSS, Pavia)

Valeria Ottonelli (University of Genova), Equal Respect, Democracy and Political Agency


1. Equality and Sufficiency

Chair: Michele Loi (University San Raffaele, Milano)

Emily McTernan (King’s College, Cambridge), Cohen’s Inegalitarian Ethos: Equal Respect, Self-Respect and Carers

Liam Shields (University of Warwick), What is Sufficientarianism?

2. Humiliation and Corruption

Chair: Nicola Riva (University of Milano)

Leonard Mazzone (University of Firenze), Taking Humiliation Seriously

Pia Campeggiani (University of Pisa), Politics and Corruption. Pleonexia, Inequality, Injustice between Solon and Aristotle


3.   Respect and the Basis of Equality

Chair: Enrico Biale (University of Piemonte Orientale, Vercelli)

Christopher Nathan (University of Exeter), Respect as Explicating the Basis of Equality

Baldwin Bon Wah Wong (London School of Economics), Justification of Equal Respect in Contractualism: A Critique and a Suggestion

4. Feminism

Chair: Pia Campeggiani (University of Pisa)

Coromoto Power Febres (University College London), Restricting Pornography from an Anti-Pornography Radical Feminist Stance – A Critique on Freedom of Speech

Alasia Nuti (University of Genova), The Helpless Goes To War. A Feminist Criticism Of Just War Theory


5. International Toleration and Respect

Chair: Federico Zuolo (University of Pavia – IUSS, Pavia)

Dorothea Gädeke (Goethe University, Frankfurt), International Toleration, Respect and Self-Governance – Some Critical Remarks on Rawls’ Law of Peoples

Isabella Hermann (Goethe University, Frankfurt), How Much Respect is Justifiable Towards Non-Liberal States? 



6. Minority Rights and Multiculturalism

Chair: Laura Lo Coco (London School of Economics)

Omid Hejazi (Queen’s University, Canada), Two Liberal Theories of Minority Rights: Universal or Particular?

Leonardo Marchettoni (University of Firenze), Scorekeeping Semantics as a New Paradigm in Multiculturalist Political Theory

7. Federalism and Global Democracy

Chair: Sara Amighetti (University College, London)

José André (University of Lisbon), Federalism and Political Philosophy

Jonathan Kuyper (Australian National University), The Potential Implications of Ideal Democratic Theory


8. Democratic Peace and Democratic Justice

Chair: Giulia Bistagnino (University of Milano)

Elisa Piras (European University Institute), Considering the ‘Democratic Peace’ Assumption in Rawls’ Law of Peoples

Sara Amighetti (University College, London), Thinking about Justice and Democracy Together

9. Issues in Continental Political Philosophy

Chair: Francesca Pasquali (University of Milano)

Andreas Braune (University of Jena), “Zwang” and Coercion: One Word, Two Concepts?

Christine Unrau (University of Köln), The Grand Inquisitor’s Lesson: Conflict, Religion and Human Diversity as Key Issues of Toleration


Plenary Session

Chair: Ian Carter (University of Pavia)

Adam Swift (Balliol College, Oxford), Parents’ Rights, Children’s Schools: Shaping Values, Conferring Advantage