15th Graduate Conference in Political Philosophy – Abstract/Inostroza

María Victoria Inostroza

The Democratic Forms of Global Domination

This paper deals with the relationship between global democracy and domination. The author intends to answer the following question: Is global democracy completely incompatible with domination? There are two possible answers to this question: yes and no. The former is trivially right if we use the traditional concept of domination. The latter is wrong for all the wrongs reasons. The author offers a redefined notion of domination that makes the negative answer non-trivially right. She proceeds as follows. In the first section, she illustrates some problems that the traditional concept of domination presents when it is applied in connection with global democracy. In the second section, she offers a redefinition of the traditional concept, which she uses in the third and final section of this paper in order to show that some paternalistic forms of domination are not only compatible with global democracy but are also its necessary condition.