Lab 3D Concrete

The Concrete 3D printing technology is a new tool in the toolbox of engineers, architects and construction companies. It offers a quick and cost-efficient way of building concrete products. With a strong background in traditional construction we have designed a high-tech concrete 3D printer that reduces the need for human labor and improves the worker safety.

The Challenge: many modern structures are dominated by elements of unique dimensions. Therefore, the production processes, which reside in standardized production paradigms, require appropriate molds or subtraction technologies to be created. In both cases, architects and engineers are obliged to use multiple identical elements to save material and reduce labor and casting costs. The AM processes represent the way to revolutionize this paradigm, allowing designers to experiment and create unique elements without incurring prohibitive costs.

The Technology: a computer controlled robotic arm precisely deposit successive layers of deigned high-performance concrete, by means of a peristaltic pump, in order to create complex structural components. This technology can be exploited to manufacture essential architectural elements, being the link between efficiency, convenience and design.

The Opportunity: interest in additive manufacturing (AM) is growing and the expertise at University of Pavia is unique. We bring together economic resources and academic skills: opportunities are available to transfer the technology into industry.