Here below are reported the Italian Companies which have collaboration activities in relations with the 3D@UniPV project. The project involves a total of 22 companies and 2 spinoff.


The Aerospace, Defence and Railways division heads a project funded by ASI that concerns the FDM technology application in micro-gravity. The collaboration will concern additive manufacturing technologies, especially the process and instruments change caused by the introduction of the new technology.

Reference People: Luca Enrietti, Mariella Guerricchio

Reference People: Cetti Lauteta, Ivan Stammeluti

Very recent collaboration on studies of polymers using in 3d printing process, in particular with FDM technology. The collaboration concerns the analysis and test of different polymeric compositions and the experimental evaluation of static, dynamic and rheological mechanical properties of materials through numerical simulation codes. The collaboration includes also the Department of Chemistry of UniPV.
Thanks to this collaborations, Saes Getters will offer to DICAr of UniPV a free stand in occasion of the Plast event in milan on may 5-9 2015. In this occasion Prof. Auricchio will be the chairman of section dedicated to 3d printing and he will discuss a initial relation on this theme.

Reference People: Girolamo Dagostino, Mario Maggiani

Project for diffusion of the concept of 3D printing and prototyping and development of projects with the aim of increase the presence of these centers in Lombardy.

Reference People: Marco Fadda, Chiara Fanali, Elena Ghezzi

Reference Person: Antonio Berera

Reference Person: Andrea Vigliotti

Prototyping of system finalized to tissue regeneration (especially bone and cartilage), based on biodegradable and biocompatible polymers for medical use (poly-alpha hydroxy acids, polycaprolactone).

Reference Person: Francesco Roversi

Reference People: Francesco Butera, Andrea Coccia

Identification of performance currently obtained with 3D printing for creating precision fluid-dynamic valves in the biomedical field and in machines for the preparation of coffee.

Reference Person: Diego Andreis

Collaboration to define a new strategy based on 3d printer for production of highly customized pieces The collaboration aim not only to integrate the 3d printer in the productive process, but also to develop a novel approach for production of new pieces that are compatible with prototyping.

Reference Person: Valerio Tagliacarne

Reference People: Veronica Ceccato, Alessio Esposti, Pieter Peeters

Development of functionalized prepolymers with high reactivity, for 3d printing. The aim of this collaboration is the application of advanced systems in industrial field, with optimization and specific development of 3d printing technology. NPT has already provided polymers finalized to 3d printing application.

Reference Person: Alessandro Galbiati

The collaboration concerns the virtual modeling in vascular field. These themes are under development thanks to iCardioCloud project, funded by Regione Lomabrdia and Cariplo foundation. This project is in collaboration also with San Donato Hospital Group Foundation e IRCCS Policlinico San Donato.

Reference Person: Luca Antiga

OVERMACH S.p.A, italian seller of Stratasys 3D printers, is the supplier of the high-level prototyping instrumentation (Objet 30Pro, Objet-Stratasys printer) placed in Proto-Lab of UniPV DICAr. The company will supply the future machines that will be utilised. It will support us also during the evaluation of the most appropriate technologies considering design purposes. OVERMACH S.p.A already collaborates as industrial partner with UniPV DICAr in the Fab@Hospital project funded within flag projects of CNR.

Reference Person: Giacomo Cacciani

The collaboration concern the shape memory alloys principally used as actuators. Among currently applications that are under development, the shape memory alloys are used for the implementation of devices of hand rehabilitation for spastic patients, realised in combination with the use of parts prototyped with 3D printing.

Reference Person: Alberto Coda

The Senaf collaboration was born thanks to 3DPrintHub event dedicated to 3D printing theme. During the Exposanità 2014 event (Exposanità 2014 gallery) (May 21-24, 2014) DICAr of UniPV had a free stand within the 3DPrintHub section and it held a conference about 3D printed models used in the pre-operative planning
During the Expo 2015, DICAr will partecipate at 3DPrintHub section with seminars and conferences.

Reference People: Andrea Querzè, Tommaso Sironi

The collaboration with Stress (Research and Technologies Development for Building seismically Secure and environmentally sustainable) will concern the 3d print of structural casings. To reach this aim, the study of printing process is not enough. It’s necessary also a collaboration to study physical, mechanical and structural properties of materials that are used by 3d printer. (polymeric and metallic materials)

Reference Person: Ennio Rubino

Reference Person: Cristina Torti

Development and characterization of new polymeric fibers for 3D printers, using FDM technology. This technology is popular, but the properties and the optimization of the material used (in function of characteristics of final prototype) are not sufficiently studied. To date the company has procured us some polymeric materials that we’re testing with FDM printers. The aim is the characterization of properties and quality of the printed models, considering both final surface and dimensional tolerance.

Reference People: Michela Agnoli, Paolo Bottarelli, Leonardo Castellani, Mattia Farina, Nicola Fiorotto,Paolo Mariani, Francesco Pasquali, Marco Vincenzo Troncone

Development of 3d printers using green materials with high performance for 3d printed houses . The aim is the realization of 3d printer, 10 meters high, able to create through deposition process , structural casing using natural and local materials as much as possible. To date, there is a prototype 3 meters high able to print small casings. This printer uses a circular section with grooves. Inside them, after the deposition process, you have to put other structural materials like bamboo and lime

Reference Person: Massimo Moretti

Development of new printing solution for materials with high degree of deformity, using FDM technology. To date , exist high professional prototyping instruments that permit the production of models with medium-low degree of deformity. But models with high degree of deformity and high resistance at the same time do not exist yet.

Reference Person: Davide Ardizzoia


Diagnostic and conservation studies , not only in the field of cultural heritage. The scientific instrumentation supplied allows a non-invasive characterization of surfaces, with 3D image in real colors, the micro and nano scale (optical profilometer), non-invasive measurements (XRF and RAMAN) with portable instrumentation, simulations of aging cycles of materials in climatic chamber (control T ° C, RH, UV, …).

Reference Person: Viviana Guidetti

Study of innovative solutions in of laser sintering of metals the field, with particular interest in the manufacture of metal powders currently not yet commercially available for the sintering, like nickel-titanium shape memory alloys.

Reference Person: Giancarlo Reali

Spinoff of UniPV that supports the startup based on leading change (like 3d printing).

Reference People: Luca Ballista, Stefano Denicolai, Matteo Scarabelli

Reference Person: Antonio Graziano, Alberto Sicurella

This collaboration will allow to develop non-contact laser measurement techniques (both laser triangulation is traditional in the image) for prototyping and control of quality of the objects produced using the technologies of 3D printing. The aim is to explore and create synergies with the 3D printers producers to equip them with integrated measuring systems to complete the production cycle with a quality control/validation.

Reference Person: Mauro Benedetti, Guido Giuliani