Dissemination to the civil society and the scientific community

Dissemination of the project results is a key issue to guarantee the knowledge transfer to both the scientific and the civil society, and a full WP involving all the project teams is foreseen.

To this end, novel approach will be used, based on the recently developed field of socio-hydrogeology. Firstly, through the Social Network Analysis, the main groups of relevant stakeholders will be identified and involved in the project. Second, using fashionable communication instruments and social media, the project results will be made available for the scientific and social communities to comment in real time. Thematic maps and guidance documents sharing a common view on the water and nutrient management will be produced, discussed and illustrated to regulators, opening the way to a sustainable agriculture and water use. One of the most important outcomes therefore is not only the contribution to science, but also in the guidelines that will help to share a common approach to nutrients reduction and water resources management.

WP LEADERS: Department of Life Sciences of the University of Parma (LS-UNIPR), Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of the University of Pavia (EES-UNIPV), Water Research Institute (CNR-IRSA)

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