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Multimedia Room Policies

Service goals

The University Library recognizes the usefulness of electronic information needs for research, documentation and study and provides its users with access to computing resources as an additional tool to traditional sources.

The Multimedia Room must be used in accordance with the functions and objectives of the University Library as part of its core.

Access mode

Italian citizens and foreigners who have completed their sixteenth year of age are allowed.
To access the rooms you need to:

  • have a valid identity document with photograph
  • signing the registration form implies acceptance of the policies
  • leave bags and belongings in the lockers at the entrance.

If there are requests for other users the usage time of the terminal is limited to one hour. Access to services, with the exception of reproductions on paper, it's free.

Available services and usage

We provide the following services:

  • Internet
  • access to online databases and local network, CD-ROMs and DVD
  • software for document creation, for the development of spreadsheets, databases and presentations
  • software for image processing
  • e-learning and video conferencing
  • classroom
  • video/listening media VHS, CD-ROMs and DVD (2 seats)
  • color printing and b/n, reproduction in digital color and b/n, download cd-rom and pen drive (to be provided by the user)
  • bibliographic advice and services assistance


The Multimedia Room is not in control of the information available on the net and therefore not responsible for the content, quality and validity. The Internet service can not be used for any purposes prohibited by applicable law, for any purposes of profit or related to any economic activity, nor for purposes not related to study and research. The web browsing is free and the user is directly responsible, both civilly and penally. The responsibility also extends to the violation of protected access, copyright and licensing.
The system logs, allowing traceability of sites and operations performed by each station, are available to the competent authorities according to local regulations.
The staff room can claim direct controls on the usage.

Online Database, local network, CD-ROMs and DVD

In the Multimedia Room online databases and local network can be accessed freely, those CD-ROMs and DVDs must be required from the staff. The users can consult their cd rom and dvd with permission.

Software for document creation, spreadsheets, databases and presentations

You can also save your documents using a space on the hard disk of your computer, keeping in mind that they are kept in memory for a single day.

E-learning and videoconferencing

When video conferencing or e-learning courses are collective, times and ways must be arranged with the staff.


You can use the Multimedia Room as a classroom. The time and manner need to be agreed with the staff.

Video/Listening of VHS, CD-ROMs, DVDs

VHS, CD-ROM and DVD in the Multimedia Room should be requested to the staff. The user can consult their own materials upon previous permission.


Users are charged for prints and rates are exposed.

Code of conduct and accountability of users

  • Silence must be observed and every form of communication must be limited within the respect of the work of other users and the correct behaviour that every place of research and consultation requires.
  • Immediately report to the staff any malfunction occurring during the period of use. Do not use power outlets for personal use (mobile phones, CD players).
  • The user is responsible for the use of IT tools during the work session and is required to refund in the event of damage.
  • The breach of the obligations under this Regulation may result in termination of the session and the suspension or exclusion from the Multimedia Room.