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Miscellanea Belcredi

Miscellane BelcrediUnder the title of the Miscellanea Belcredi, the Library retains 122 bound volumes comprising over 2,000 pieces, mostly in print. This material, which is not part of the collection left by the Marquis Giuseppe Gaspare Belcredi, was bought in 1828 following the death of the lawyer Rolla, heir of his books and manuscripts. The Miscellaneous presents and extremely heterogeneous aspect both in formal than content terms. It includes infact, notices, edicts, laws, defenses, memories and judgments mixed with collections of poetry and prose mostly of laudatory nature. The Miscellaneous, which covers topics relating to the area of ​​Pavia and Milan, covers a time span of almost three centuries (the oldest text is from 1549, the most recent of the early XIX).There are also preserved some jacobin newspapers as the "Giornale del Ticino" (1797, numbers 4-24, placing Misc. Belcredi T. 34 n. 3), the "Monitore Italiano" (1798, numbers 1-34, placement Misc. Belcredi T. 1 n. 3), the "Monitore Cisalpino" (1798, numbers 1-70, placing Misc. Belcredi T. 1 n. 2), the "Giornale dei patriori d’Italia" (1797, numbers 1 - 71, placing Misc. Belcredi T. 34 n. 1), the ''Amico degli uomini e delle leggi" (1796/1797, numbers 1-44, placing Misc. Belcredi T. 73 n. 1).

spunta_ rossaDownload the Inventario della Miscellanea Belcredi icona pdf   (PDF - 20.5 mb)

spunta_ rossaDownload the text of Miscellanea Belcredi (PDF - 8.9 MB) by Alessandra Ferraresi and consult the Index  icona pdf   (PDF - 3.7 MB). Excerpt from Cultura e vita universitaria nelle miscellanee Belcredi, Giardini e Ticinensia, Milano, Istituto editoriale Cisalpino-La goliardica, 1986

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