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Anna Fontana Orsi

Anna Fontana Orsi(s.l, s.d.)

Theater actress originally from Padua, after starring with De Sanctis and Gandusio, she formed her own theatre company in 1926, together with Ernesto Sabbatini who took the lead. In September of the same year she was forced, for health reasons, to leave the scene returning only a year later at the Arcimboldi theatre of Milano, as leading lady in the company directed by Gino Valori. In September 1929 she was hired by the venetian company of Gianfranco Giachetti, to return at the Arcimboldi the October of 1930. She then stopped there until the following May when she undertook the "artistic tour" of the futurist play Simultanina by Marinetti.

In the fall of 1931 she reformed the company with Sabbatini, in order to perform the drama named Shanghai by John Colton. That November Sabbattini left Fontana and the direction of the company was given to Alfredo De Sanctis.

In the fall of 1932, the last period of her artistic activity, she formed the company Fontana-Benassi, where also Amedeo Nazzari performed.

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