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Pietro Pessani

Pietro Pessani(Pavia, 1742-1771)

Graduated in law in 1761 and after several years of legal practice he devoted himself to the study of history and literature. In the florentine libraries he could expand his research, and once back home he committed to the study of ancient manuscripts and greek and was admitted to the Accademia degli Affidati.

He wrote poems, sacred orations, academic speeches, comedies, dramas, but he is best known for the De' palazzi reali che sono stati nella citta e territorio di Pavia (Pavia, Liutprand reprint, 2000; ripr. dell'ed. Pavia, Bolzani, 1771; location: Cpav. monumenti 38) of which the Library retains an edition annotated by Giuseppe Robolini (Ticinesi 129).

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