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Giuseppe Robolini

Giuseppe Robolini(Pavia 1768 - 1840)

From a noble family, graduated in law at the early age of twenty, Robolini served in Pavia many public offices: he was administrator of the estate of Ghislieri College, a member of Congregazione di carità and of fabbriceria di San Primo, podesta of the city, deputy of the province as well as city councilman. His passion, however, was history: between 1823 and 1838 he published in Pavia Notizie appartenenti alla storia della sua patria (location: CPav. Storia 5) edited in six volumes, for which he made very accurate researches proofed by the manuscripts of the first edition and its library, which brought together dozens of manuscripts representing two centuries of erudition and Pavia’s history. The manuscript of his work (location: Ticinesi 100), prepared by a copyist for typography, testifies the accuracy of his working method: text and notes are already structured in the page providing its final appearance.

We could say that in his person two century of erudition converge both in a material and cultural way since through purchase, inheritance and knowledge he collected in his house several dozens of manuscripts that today make up the most consistent group of the Ticinesi Stock, preserved in the University Library.

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