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Giuseppe Marchesi Collection

Giuseppe Marchesi CollectionLeft in his will at the University Library by Marchesi in March of 1862, the collection is comprised of more than 200 volumes.

The texts deal exclusively with issues of civil and military architecture, with a large section dedicated to the fortification of the city. Rather wide it is their chronological extension: It ranges from De architectura of Vitruvio Pollione, published in Venice by Giovanni Tacuino in 1511 (location: 142³ F 19), to works from the early XIX century.

Notable for their preciousness are I Commentari di C. Giulio Cesare con le figure in rame de gli alloggiamenti, de' fatti d'arme [...] printed in Venice at De' Franceschi in 1575 (location: 6 C 4), the Regola delli cinque ordini by Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola published in Siena by Marchetti in 1635 (location: 142_8 F 9) and Oeuvres militaires by Sebastién Vauban La Prestre published in Paris in 1736 in three folio volumes with hand drawings (location: 26 I 9). Of the collection there is a list compiled by the marquis and stored, along with the will, in Ticinesi Stock.

The collection is described in the catalogue alphabetically by authors and titles of anonymous works, in cards, available at the entrance of the Library.

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