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Giovanni Maria Bussedi

Giovanni Maria Bussedi(Director 1846-1860)

(Pavia, 1802-1869)

Graduated in Law, he taught extensively in seminaries, boarding schools and high schools and the University, where he was professor of philology and Greek literature then Latin philology and aesthetics.

He was appointed director in 1846 at the University Library, where he remained until 1860 associating other positions: Director of the Faculty of Philosophy and Advisor of the Government for problems of education.

In the Ticinesi Stock there are some of his biographical and chronological compilations related to Pavia and two collections of epigraphs and inscriptions.

The echoes of the uprisings and wars of independence seem not to have touched the quiet of the books: the only trace that remains in the archive is the terse statement to the Government of Lombardy confirming that no employee of the University Library took part in the wars of Independence.

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