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Prof. Creaco has been recipient of the following grants:

Regional Project

2020-2022 WP leader of the CE4WE project, where CE4WE stands for Circular Economy for Water and Energy, funded by Regione Lombardia, Call Hub Ricerca e Innovazione. Total funding for the consortium: 2,000,000 €. Funding for the WP1.4 led by Enrico Creaco: 90,000 €.


National Project

2018-2019 Main Investigator of NEWFRAME - NetWork-based Flood Risk Assessment and Management of Emergencies, in partnership with Prof. Mario Martina from IUSS. Project in reply to the Fondazione Cariplo call on Ricerca dedicata al dissesto idrogeologico: un contributo per la previsione, la prevenzione e la mitigazione del rischio, year 2017. Total funding for the consortium: 144,000 €. Funding for UNIPV: 72,000 €.


International Project

2018-2019 Scientific Manager for UNIPV of EU project 778136 Wat-Qual – Water Quality in Drinking Water Systems. Main Investigator: Dr. Vanessa Speight from the University of Sheffield. Project in reply to the H2020-MSCA-RISE-2017. Total funding for the consortium: 243,000 €. Funding for UNIPV: 18,000 €.


Prof. Creaco has done consultancy work:

2020  Scientific study commissioned by Accenture on the valorization of Public Water Resources, on behalf of Ministero dell’Economia e delle Finanze. Total funding: 161,400 € + VAT.

2018  Modelling support to Prof. Hatem Haidar of the Lebanese University, on the topic “Energy and leakage optimization in Lebanese water distribution networks”. Total funding: 2,500 €.

2017  Scientific study commissioned by CESI (Centro elettrotecnico sperimentale italiano) to analyse and compare the performance of flow meters through laboratory experiments. Total funding: 8,000 € +VAT.